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Dallas Does Debbie DVD

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Bambi Woods, Arcadia Lake, Christie Ford, Rikki O'Neal, Robin Byrd, Kasey Rodgers, Georgette Sanders, Jenny Cole, Debbie Lewis, Hershel Savage, Eric Edwards, John Holmes, Merle Michaels, R. Bolla, David Morris, David Sutton, Peter Lerman, Tony Mansfield, Ben Pierce, Jack Teague
The Original, Uncut Classic! Eight gorgeous cheerleaders do anything and everything to get to the top of the dog-eat-dog world of pep rallies. Bambi Woods makes her blue screen debut in this best-selling classic.


Sharon Kane, Tianna, Cal Jammer, Trixie Tyler, Chrissy Ann, Biff Malibu, Nick E, Bridgette Aime, T-Bone, Charise, Scott St James, Jake Steed, Tony Martino
She's expecting a capacity crowd.

Well, leave it to Fresh Video to bring back everyone's favorite oversexed cheerleader. This time, she's got that cute little body working over-time to accommodate her legions of loyal fans. She's got so many guys going at once, that it looks like she's in the middle of a nudist colony doing "the wave". Just another day in the life of the girl who can't say no. So c'mon, 2-4-6-8 who'd you love to penetrate? Debbie!

This is the only Charise video. Adult stars also making their debut in this video: Scott St James.


Arcadia Lake, Ashley Welles, Bambi Woods, Christie Ford, David Morris, Eric Edwards, Georgette Saunders, Herschel Savage, Kasey Rodgers, Merle Michaels, Paula Head, Rikki O`Neal, Robin Byrd, Tony Mansfield, Zack Thoas
Here it is, the seminal classic, one of the bestselling adult films of all time, in all it`s original glory! Watch the beautiful, young, blonde newcomer Bambi Woods, who went on to only star in three other adult films, make film history!


Debbie Benton (Bambi Woods) is the captain of her high school cheerleading squad, and has been accepted to try out for the Texas Cowgirls. Her parents disapprove, though, and refuse to pay the fare to Texas. In a bid to help Debbie, her cheerleader friends Lisa (Georgette Sanders), Roberta (Misty Winter), Tammy (Arcadia Lake), Pat (Kasey Rodgers), and Annie (Jenny Cole) decide to accompany her to Texas. They have two weeks to raise the money, and swear off any sexual activity with their boyfriends and form a company, called "Teen Services", offering help.

Tammy takes a job in the local record store run by Tony (Tony Mansfield). Debbie gets a job at a sports store run by Mr. Greenfield (Richard Balla). Roberta convinces Mr. Hardwick (Eric Edwards) to give her a job at the candle store with Mrs. Hardwick (Robyn Bird). Rikki (Sherri Tart) and Annie agree to wash Mr. Bradly's car.

The football team is annoyed with its lack of sex. Roberta's boyfriend Rick (David Morris) and his teammates join Roberta and Pat in the showers where they have group sex. While working for Mr. Greenfield at the sports store, Debbie is talked in to allowing Mr Greenfield to fondle her breasts for $20, then he sucks them for an additional $20.

Realising that they will not be able to raise enough money by legitimate means, Debbie convinces the other girls to engage in sexual activities for more money. They agree but only if it is on their terms.

Roberta is caught masturbating by Mrs. Hardwick. She engages in sexual activity with both Mr and Mrs Hardwick, earning extra money. Rikki and Annie go to see Mr. Bradly (David Suton), to wash his car. Mr. Bradly isn't home, but they wash the car anyway. When Mr. Bradly arrives home he asks them in to dry off their wet clothes. They undress for him for $10 each. He performs oral sex on them, then has anal sex with Annie.

At the library Donna (Merril Townsend) flirts with Mr Biddle, the librarian. Her boyfriend Tim (Bill Barry) visits her attempting to have sex with her. She fellates him but is caught by Mr Biddle (Jack Teague). She allows him to spank her to prevent him from telling her parents. Hamilton (Peter Lerman) and his friend Ashly (Ben Pierce) are in the tennis club sauna after a tennis game, and Hamilton convinces Lisa to fellate him while Ashly penetrates her.

At the record store, Tammy has been avoiding Tony's advances; she calls Lisa who joins them at the record store. Lisa offers Tony "anything" and she begins to fellate him, then Tammy joins in, and he ejaculates on Tammy's breasts.

Debbie dresses as a "Texas Cowgirl" and goes to see Mr. Greenfield after hours at the store. She fellates him, he then penetrates her vagina with his finger and performs cunnilingus on her. Then they engage in sex, first in the missionary position, then doggy style, and then with Debbie on top. They finish in the missionary position before Mr. Greenfield ejaculates on Debbie.

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Debbie Does Dallas (1978)

The movie was produced and directed by Jim Clark. Some scenes were shot at the Brooklyn College athletic field, and the Pratt Institute library in Brooklyn, New York, without the administration's knowledge or approval. There is an unfounded internet rumor that certain scenes were shot at the State University of New York, Stony Brook, including the library scene. However, that was found to be unlikely after an investigation with alumni, and the president of the Debbie Does Dallas production company said such a claim "was purely inconclusive". If it were true the authorities would get involved.